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Firegraphic Cracked Version is a professional application intended for digital photo and video management. It allows you to organise and backup your data and to examine, edit and share your photos and videos.Firegraphic shows you pictures on a big screen in a way that is not difficult to use. It's a photo viewer, photo editor and photo organizer.Firegraphic lets you easily edit digital pictures, crop them, change their color settings and modify their border, resize them, perform all the desired adjustments, reduce their size, convert them into other format, create, share and backup your photos to your own online photo galleries, e-mails and social networks.Firegraphic can be run in several different ways and by any other user without any restrictions.FeaturesPowerful photo/video management:* Take a look at your favorite photos and videos in your computer.* Edit photos, rotate them, resize them, crop them, color and brightness/contrast adjustments, vignette effects, rotate and flip.* Edit videos, apply various effects and transitions, apply settings like time-lapse, light box, time to fade, speed up/slow down or erase or add subtitles.* Organize your photos and videos in folders and playlists (different views).Viewing and organizing your videos:* View videos in a big screen.* Play videos without sound.* Have your playlists displayed in the background while you work.* Search for videos by description, title and keyword.* Fast access to favorite videos with a single click.* Delete a video from the list or the playlist.* Share photos/videos on your social network.Photo Management:* All photos are displayed in a unique screen, not like a file manager.* Filter, delete, copy, rename, organize and display photos.* Crop photos, resize them, rotate them, flip them, vignette them, color and brightness/contrast adjustments, and more.* Share photos on your social network, e-mails, and on the web.Photo Editing:* Apply various adjustments to photos.* Apply or remove vignette effects, or create custom vignette effect.* Adjust the overall brightness/contrast.* Smooth or sharpen photos.* Crop photos.* Flip photos.* Rotate photos.* Remove red eyes.* Compress JPG photos. 08929e5ed8

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